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About The Artist

About / Bio

Thomas Bigatel has always known he was an artist. Even during years when very little work was created, the desire was always there, quietly screaming to emerge. Over the past 15-20 years he has discovered his own unique voice through an intrinsic evolution of experimentation and tenacity. He is an artist who creates vibrant abstract paintings which invite the audience to explore the complex nature and seemingly endless flow of color.

An artist must find meaning in the process, and Bigatel’s unorthodox, inventive approach to the process of painting results in compelling and convincing works of art. In his most recent body of work which began to evolve in 2008, Bigatel utilizes an inherent and intimate flow of color and motion. Thomas Bigatel’s commitment to his medium and his vision are evident in the penetratingly endless depth & illuminating intensity embodied in his powerful paintings.


Thomas Bigatel’s artwork has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and universities. His genuine vision using vivid color and form has evolved over the years into an accomplished body of work consisting of over 800 artworks. Many of his paintings have been purchased for private and corporate collections including prominent collectors in NYC.


Artist Statement

Through my painting I artistically explore the origins of life, the complexity of the human mind and body, our ocean’s vast amount of energy and movement, our infinite and mysterious universe of time and space, all interwoven within my experiences as a human being. Through my vision as an artist, the electricity created in the mind by what the artist experiences and explores is transferred and transfigured onto my canvases.

I work with a strictly spontaneous and pure approach to the process of painting, not to wait on inspiration or rely on an idea but to allow myself to truthfully create from an intrinsic place. I use specially crafted brushes and tools which allow me to manipulate the oils to create depth, translucency, and an illuminating intensity I continue to develop and experiment with.

My recent body of work investigates these themes, utilizing abstract motion and visualizing the energy and movement that might be imagined in the translation. It is my intent to artistically communicate this personal vision through these paintings and to continue to create a symphonic union between a vigorous energy and a peaceful serenity.



Exhibition Highlights

July 8-August 8, 2017, “Evolution of the Process: 15 Year Retrospective”  Solo Exhibition of paintings, Percolate Art Space, Pittsburgh, PA

April 3 – May 13 2017, “Through The InBetween”  Solo exhibition of paintings and sculpture, at Penn State University New Kensington Art Gallery, New Kensington, PA

August 23 –September 30, 2016, “Giving Up The Ghost (and select visual reflections)”  Solo exhibition of paintings and sculpture at Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

July – September 2014, FUNF, Invitational at Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Pittsburgh, PA

June 2012-June 2013, Invitational Exhibition at Accenture through The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, (3 artist exhibition), Pittsburgh, PA

June 2012 – 2015, Annual Juried Exhibition, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

April 2012, Gathering Atmospheres, Invitational Exhibition, CCBC Catonsville Gallery, Baltimore, MD

June 2012, Anniversary Invitational, Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

September – November 2011, “Universal Expressions: Movement in Multiple Dimensions” 2 Man Exhibition with sculptor, Peter Johnson, 709 Penn Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.  Through the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

July 2010, Exploring Abstraction Invitational, York Arts, York, PA

November 2006, Open Studio Exhibition of New Paintings, @ the Artist’s Studio, Glenshaw, PA

January – March 2003, Solo Exhibition of Recent Paintings, Emma’s Art Emporium, 4407 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA

May 2001, Solo exhibition, “Visual Thoughts,” Penn Gallery, 3700 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA

December 1998-January 1999, Solo Exhibition of Recent Paintings, Gallery 937, Pittsburgh, PA

January-February 1998, Two Man Exhibition, with wood sculptor Anthony Valvano, Gallery in the Square, Pittsburgh, PA

February-March 1997, Solo Exhibition, “The Spirit and the Soul,”  Studio Z Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA